Know Your Artist

Dragonflies represent a woman’s freed soul or spirit and represent compassion, prosperity and courage”. This, in a nutshell, describes my journey. I’ve discovered what I love to do, and turned it into my full time career.

I am a professional freelance Makeup Artist based in Greenstone, Johannesburg.

The art of makeup is truly my passion and I strive to bring a studio experience to your home, and tailor it to you personally. I have completed courses in both Makeup Artistry, as well as Fashion, which has given me an eye for detail and creativity.

I also have a deep love for animals, which has lead me on a Cruelty Free mission, in which I strive to show my clients, and fellow makeup lovers that cruelty free cosmetics are a more conscious substitute, and that you can still achieve amazing makeup looks using cruelty free cosmetics.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing a woman exude confidence, especially when it’s a result of the work I’ve done. My approach is to accentuate your greatest attributes with my creative vision, and highlight your best features. So no matter the occasion, you will look and feel amazing.